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August 14, 2012
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dA Uploader for iOS


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Kitty Vs Satan by AskHelenaWayne Kitty Vs Satan by AskHelenaWayne
I can not help sitting on my bed with a little lazer light and watch my cat climb all over the place, even the walls to get the stupid light that he can never get.
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ev0net Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
1. This has nothing to do with customization, nor with wallpapers, let alone anything that is the correct height / width for an ipod / iphone.

2. If you did not create the artwork being used in your demotivational poster, you're required by deviantart to receive in writing, the expressed permission to used their copyright material.

Please take a moment to re-review the rules, you can do so by clicking on the following links:

FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
Shadowhunter625 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Apparently someone's a STIFF

Leave her alone
AskHelenaWayne Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012
It was done with ifunny so there is the iPod and iPhone related. And of you look at the bottom it even says who it was made my on ifunny, and I have gotten promisstion so mind your own business.
ev0net Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Apparently you also lack reading comprehension.

It doesn't matter what it was 'made' in, it matters the category it belongs in. Take a loook to see if it fits in, or I could just save you the time and tell you it in fact does not match the dimensions needed to be a wallpaper for an iPod / iPhone.

And If you look at the rules, it doesn't matter what you said at the bottom of your post. It still breaks multiple rules.
AskHelenaWayne Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Obviously your not wanted here so why don't you crawl back into your little worm hole honey.
ev0net Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Your != You're.
Hidden by Owner
AskHelenaWayne Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
By me on ifunny. So why should I have to??
Ironmary Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Why should you have some respect for the person who drew the comic? Maybe because you happen to like the comic. Maybe you'd like your work to be respected by others. Maybe common decency.
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